Blue Grass Stage - Saturday Aug. 19th

  • Badger Sett Band - Saturday Aug. 19th

    The Badger Sett Band formed in 2012 to present The Life and Music of Badger Clark, South Dakota's Frst Poet Laureate.  The show honors the life, poetry, and music of Badger Clark who lived in Hot Springs from around 1910-1925 and Custer State Park from 1925-1957.  Badger is buried in Hot Springs.

    Band members include:

Pegie Douglas-guitar & vocals

Marcia Kenobbie-mandolin & vocals

    Cheryl Janssens-bass

    Katie Lautenschlager-fiddle                                                                                    

Ned Westphal-guitar & narrator

  • Buffalo Grass - Saturday Aug. 19th

    Buffalo Grass is an acoustic Americana band, playing a mix of bluegrass, swing, originals and country classics.

    Band Members include:

    Kim Plender

    Pete Wouden

    Jim Bingham

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  • Harmony in the Hills - Saturday Aug. 19th

    Harmony in the Hills is a bluegrass band from the Southern Black Hills, playing traditional and western music.

    Band Members:

    Craig DeBoer-Guitar

    Laura DeBoer-Bass

    Marcia Kenobbie-Mandolin

    Roy  Kenobbie-Guitar

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  605-890-1173

  • Ruby Creek - Saturday Aug. 19th

    Ruby Creek Band is dedicated to playing mountain music and bluegrass in the old style reminiscent of informal social gatherings and community dances.  Our members are Kate Giraud on fiddle, Jimmy Ray Fechner on dobro, banjo, and mandolin, Mary Fechner on rhythm guitar, and Branden Hendrickson on upright bass.  Look for us on Facebook. 

    See our web page at to keep up with our gig schedule. 

  • String Tied - Saturday Aug. 19th

    String Tied is an eclectic band of musicians who bring a wealth of experience, creativity and tradition to the active Western South Dakota music scene. They play a straight ahead, roots based, gospel laced, fast paced, high lonesome, fab foursome, clean wholesome, soulful, chockfull, hands full, striving, reviving, hard driving, straight up, stay up, one up, put up or shut up, 4 part, from the heart, almost art, light to dark, foot to the feed, feel the need, take the lead set that will have you feeling the beat, tapping your feet, out of your seat and feeling upbeat.

    Band Members:

    Ken Amerson-Mandolin

    Allen Biesman-Guitar

    Marianne Fridell-Bass

    Hank Fridell-Banjo