Blues/Rock Stage - Saturday Aug. 19th

  • Atlanta Rhythm Section - Saturday Aug. 19th

    The Atlanta Rhythm Section... ARS... In the annals of rock and roll, where do they fit? They put out 15 albums of excellent original material, and consistently put on entertaining live shows-both of which helped establish a broad if not huge fan base. They had some big hits and have been a major player in the Southern Rock scene.

    But is that the whole story? In some circles, maybe. But for those who've really gotten to know their music over the years, there's a lot more to the story. ARS was paired with contemporaries Lynyrd Skynyrd as the successors to the Allman Brothers - carrying the mantle of "Southern Rock" in the late 70s. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, it may have made sense at the time.

    But performing songs that were more musically diverse and having hits that had a softer, pop sound, the "Southern Rock" label was a mixed blessing and many of their unique musical accomplishments became lost in a genre that has lived on to this day-but never really fit ARS. An Alternate View Here's some other ways to look at ARS.

    They weren't out to be rock and roll stars-they were accomplished studio musicians working as a group. They were said to be more influenced by music coming out of England than other music in the South. They shared musical stylings with the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac-both in the quality of songwriting and recorded performances.

    They were excellent musicians who tried to stretch themselves-think Steely Dan or Little Feat. In many ways, these associations make as much or more sense than any grouping with their Southern Rock kindred. But the music of ARS only reached a mass audience on a couple of occasions. The result: an outstanding song catalog and the talented men responsible for it have been largely overlooked. When those songs are heard, and those talents recognized, the case can be made that ARS are the epitome of all the good things that the phrase "classic rock" implies.

  • Life Without Lemons - Saturday Aug. 19th

    Acoustic duo with a little extra! Wes Wooley and Derek Deyong join forces to bring you a wide variety of music from CCR to Pearl Jam and some original music too.

    Guitars, check!

    Vocals, check!

    Drums too!? Check. 

  • Mark Williams - Saturday Aug. 19th

    Singer/songwriter from Wyoming.

    Been at live performing for going on 5 decades.

    From Country, to blues, to a bit of jazz feel.

  • Rich Grewar - Saturday Aug. 19th

    Born in England, raised in Australia, and now living in a small town in South Dakota, USA.
Richard Grewar's blend of rock, pop and acoustic elements ignite the creation of a soundscape bursting with color, rhythm and mood-altering intensity.

    Live, Grewar serves up a melting pot of looped acoustic overlays; delivered in real-time. Nothing is pre-recorded.

    Since relocating to the USA in 2013, Richard had the honor of being the first ever performer at the Life Is Beautiful Festival featuring headliners The Killers, Kings Of Leon and Imagine Dragons, as well as showcasing alongside White Sea (Morgan Kibby of M83) at the South By Southwest spin-off, SXSWV2V in July 2014.

    Life has a way of pulling you back towards your passion, and after nearly three years away from music, and almost six years since the release of his debut album, Richard's new album was released in March. 

  • Scott Bellew - Saturday Aug. 19th

    Scott Bellew has honed his skills in clubs and at music festivals from the upper Midwest to LA and back. With degrees in Music from BHSC and the Guitar Institute in Hollywood, Scott's songwriting, vocals and guitar skills reflect his love of music and passion for performance. 

  • Steve Gardner - Saturday Aug. 19th

    Originally from Sioux Falls, SD, Steve has resided in Custer for the past 15 years. He started playing guitar at the age of 10, playing in his own band at a local roller rink at the age of 13. He studied classical guitar and music theory at Sioux Falls college.

    Steve enjoys playing classic rock, blues, jazz, country, classical guitar and acoustic 70’s pop, and has played lead guitar with several popular Sioux Falls and Black Hills bands, including a traditional cowboy western music band out of Custer.

    In 2015 Steve was invited to perform at the annual Guitar Masters concert in Rapid City.

    These days you can find him playing solo gigs around the central and southern Hills area, and occasionally performing with former band mates of Custer’s own Pleasant Valley Sunday band for special occasions.