Cowboy/Western Stage - Saturday Aug. 19th

  • Allen & Jill Kirkham - Saturday Aug. 19th

    Allen and Jill Kirkham, our SHMAAF Western Stage Host are 2016 AWA Western Music Duo/Group Award Finalist, 2014 and 2015 WMA Crescendo Rising Star Award Finalist, and 2015 Cowboy Idol Musician Winners! They are performing musicians in Custer's own Grand Jamboree Show.

    Husband and wife Western Music Duo from Custer, South Dakota, featuring Allen Kirkham on lead vocals, yodels, guitar and mandolin, and Jill Kirkham on bass fiddle and harmonica. Their “Ghost Towns” CD of classic and original Traditional Western songs was listed in all four Western Way Magazine, 2015 Issues, Top 30 Cowboy / Western Albums. 

    Allen is  the worship pastor at Crossroads Church, Custer SD.  Jill loves to train and ride her American Paint Horse "Cowboy".  They are members of the South Dakota US Marshals Posse. 

  • Almeda Bradshaw - Saturday Aug. 19th

    Almeda is one of Montana's talented Western singer/songwriter/poets. Her love and appreciation for the cowboy life show clearly in heartfelt orginal and traditional songs and poems of the West. Born and raised a town girl, Almeda married former Marlboro Man, Merritt Bradshaw, and now lives her Western dream in Huntley, Montana where they train AQHA performance horses and host Western Music concerts at their M2B Ranch Bed & Breakfast.

    Almeda has performed at Western gatherings throughout Montana and beyond since 1997 where her sincere style relates the romance and reality of cowboy life. A multi-instrumentalist, Almeda has played stringed instruments and piano since childhood. She co-writes with both vintage and contemporary poets.

    Her first CD release, Voices from the Range, is a collection of songs from the poetry of Canada's pioneer poet Rhoda Sivell (1873-1962). Her album of original poetry and song, A Way of the Heart: The Big Sandy Years, was a nominated finalist for the Academy of Western Artists 2012 Poetry CD of the Year. Almeda is the 2016 Cowboy Idol Winner!

  • Janice Deardorff - Saturday Aug. 19th

    Janice Deardorff is a cowgirl at heart, who fell in love with the West, through the ears of a horse, when she was five years old. She is an Native Arizonan, who grew up immersed in songs of the West. Her newest CD, “Part of the West,” contains well-loved classics, plus original songs that share the heart and stories of people Janice has met in Arizona and on her travels in the West.

    On Janice’s CD "Just a Horse", she shares her love for horses, rescue horses and the West. Janice was a Western Music Association Crescendo Award Finalist, and a Cowboy Idol Finalist.  She has been doing music most of her adult life, as an entertainer, educator and worship leader. She believes that music is a gift from God to be given the listener.

    She got her start in Western music by singing at cowboy cookouts, to barter for horseback riding. Janice enjoys sharing Western music, as she travels the west with her husband Kevin. Janice’s warm and captivating Western music will draw you into a memorable musical experience. 

  • Paul Larson - Saturday Aug. 19th

    Paul acquired many talents before making his home in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota, just a bit outside the small community of Rochford.  He’s spent several years on the road competing in and judging rodeos. He qualified and competed in Charlotte SC at the Worlds finals Rodeo in 1997 in  the team roping event. 

    His talent serves him well in the South Dakota as many a neighbor call upon him for round ups and brandings.  He is also a talented carpenter and  takes much pride in custom building. Whether it be a patio or log cabin in the hills or remodeling an 1800 building in Deadwood all are impressed with his artisanship, honesty, and commitment. 

    His history of performing in rodeos and creating with a hammer and nail made following his passion for music a seamless fabric of a cowboy.  Known for his baritone voice and cowboy yodel, he was once introduced by an announcer as a man with the voice he’d hire to ride circles around a rangy herd of cows to keep them quiet through the evening.

    Paul is grateful to have the opportunity to write and play his music in many places, but likes most to sing with his good friends on the radio, at Gatherings, at The Moonshine Gulch Saloon in Rochford, in Hill City and the area that surrounds him.  There’s also a good chance you could catch him on the front porch of his cabin with his guitar and his dog, Rascal.

  • Susie Knight - Saturday Aug. 19th

    Susie has always loved horses and began riding at age 3. After numerous years of training and miles of riding, she developed The Horse Experience, a hands-on program for beginner riders of all ages. She has worked on ranches as a wrangler, horse trainer, ranch hand, and trail guide. Much of her cowboy poetry and songs are based on her life at the Circle M Ranch in Pine Ridge, South Dakota where she rode horseback checking cattle, horse herds, wells, and fence lines.

    She raised leppy calves on bottles, ran gates, vaccinated calves at the brandings, and helped with the annual horse sale. In 2010, Susie broke out on the cowboy poetry and music scene where she performs her original stories all over the West from Washington to Kansas and from Canada to Arizona.

    She has been awarded the 2016 and 2014 Western Music Association's Female Poet of the Year, the 2013 Academy of Western Artists' Cowgirl Poet, 2013 Cowboy Idol Poet, and the winner of the 2016 Western Music Association Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year for her all-original CD, Fillin' Tanks, and the 2012 Western Music Association Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year for her all-original CD, Western Wordsmith.